Environmental labeling.

The European legislation on packaging and packaging waste, Directive N° 94/62 / CE amended by 2018/852, asks toinform the Consumer about the type of material with which the packaging was made and the methods for its correctdisposal.

To comply with this request it is necessary to accompany your packaging with some information.

In the case of a paper-basedpackaging, the indication of the material will be PAP21 (if the paper is a non-corrugated cardboard) or PAP22 (if it is a lighter paper, up to 150g / m2).

Secondary material

However, if thepaper is coupled with a plastic film then the packaging becomes a composite and the abbreviation becomes C / PAP81 where the C stands for composite, PAP for PAPER (because paper remains the predominant material), 81 because the second material is plastic.

With regard to the secondary material, according to Decision665 of 2019, it is possible to avoid mentioning it if it is present in the packaging with a weight less than 5% of the total weight of the finished packaging. The packaging will therefore be considered as a single material.

The information will be completed with an indication of the disposal canal, for example: PAPER COLLECTION.


To create a more completelabel, it is recommended to add a description of the packaging, for example: bag, case, tube and some useful information such as: empty the packaging, clean it from the product, flatten or reduce its volume.

Finally, it is usually advised to check the recycling rules in your municipality.

Below is an example of a label:

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