Specialized in food packaging

Thanks to the consolidated experience in paper and cardboard lamination and finishing, Italbond specializes in paper-based laminated products for food packaging.

Italbond produces its items in compliance with Food Contact Materials Regulations.

This is the Business Unit dedicated to the Food Packaging sector. Thanks to the contribution of technical skills and recognized attention to quality, Italbond aims to become the reference point for food packaging Manufacturers.

Lamination with films suitable for direct

contact with food.

We produce laminated paper and cardboard with films suitable for direct contact with food in compliance with FCM Regulations. thanks tothe availability of numerous types of films, we are able to meet a wide range of needs for food packaging.

For its lamination process forfood packaging products,Italbond has chosen to use mainlyfilms made in Italy or in Europe. This choice allows us to offer to our customers products with a high and constant quality standard, thanks to the use of fresh and fully traceable production batches.

The choice of film can range from the more conventional transparent ones to particular processes such as metallizedor with function barrier or suitable for heat sealing. Furthermore,Italbond supplies films containing recycled resins, ideal for circular economy projects, or compostable film according to theEN13432 standard.

Environmental sustainability.

Attention to the environment and to the sustainability of production processes.

Italy | Europe

We mainly use films made in Italy or made in Europe.

Compliance with regulations.

Compliance with all current Regulations on food packaging.

Italbond is a company with great experience in materials and printing. We pay close attention to the quality and satisfaction of our customers.

Stefano G.

Managing Director Food Packaging

Why Italbond is the ideal partner for Food Packaging producers.

We use specific films to match the requirements of technological suitability for the target production applications such as: storage in the cold chain, heating and / or cooking in the microwave or traditional oven. Furthermore, Italbond offers a complete advice service that help customers in defining the most suitable solution for the realization of its products.

  • Technical advice service to support the customer.

  • All processing is carried out in compliance withthe “Good Manufacturing Practices”.

  • Tracking of the entire order (includingfilm lot and adhesive lot).

  • Laminating of thin paper with grease barrier on cardboard.

  • Possibility of FSCcertified or recycledpapers.

  • Recyclable packaging in paper collection and certifiable with the ATICELCA 501 method.

We produce laminated sheets ideal for the production of packaging for fresh fruit and vegetable, frozen foods, take away or packaging for cooking in oven.

Our laminated are perfect to produce baskets for fruit and vegetables, trays for bakery sector, cases and boxes for frozen foods, packages for dry food, solutions for street food, trays for microwaves and traditional ovens and compostable packaging.

Italbond has also approved water-based adhesives suitable for the production of food packaging and adhesives also suitable for resisting high temperatures (oven cooking).

Sweets packaging.

Special trays for confectionery productspackaging.

Sushi packaging

Boxes or trays packaging for fresh fish and sushi.

Bakery Packaging

Laminated sheets for bakery products packaging.

Street Food

Food packaging of products to be consumed immediately after purchase.

Food Delivery Pack

Dedicated packaging for the delivery of food to be consumed at home.

Skin Packaging

Innovative method of food products packaging with the application of a thermal shrink film.

Production capacity and Packaging.

Italbond uses machinery and printing technologies capable of meeting the high quality standards required by the market and by the applicable Regulations in Food Contact Materials.

Machine data Reel Department.

  • Machine width mm 1600
  • Max material width mm 1580
  • Minimum material width 600 mm
  • Paper/cardboard reel max external diameter mm 1600
  • Paper / cardboard internal core diameter mm 760/100/150/305
  • Cutting format mm max 1580 × 1600 min 440 × 450
  • Max weight of paper / cardboard rolls kg 2,000
  • Average production capacity 100,000 mtl / day
  • Longitudinal and transversal reel cutting

Machine data Sheet Department.

  • 2 multipurpose machines for water-based adhesive or thermal lamaintion
  • 2 dedicated machines for thermal lamiantion
  • Format: min. 25X35 max size 120 × 160
  • Total production capacity 200,000 sheets / day

Workable materials

  • Type: Paper / Card board
  • Weight: max gr. 600 / sqm min gr. 80 / sqm (from 80 to 100 gr./sqm only rewinding, o cutting)
  • Thickness: max. 700 micron . Coated or uncoated cardboard lamianted on one side or both sides.

Available films

  • Polyethylene HDPE or LDPE
  • , Polypropylene or PET gloss or matt
  • Silver and gold film
  • In mass black coloured

Among the biodegradable and compostable films we can also offer:

  • PLA (polylactic acid) transparent or metallized
  • PE biopolymers based
  • Transparent cellulose barrier PVdC