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The Embossing is a finishing technique that enriches the paper with tactile and visual effects.

In the 3D era, Embossing is an ever more requested ennobling, with sophisticated manufacturing techniques that require dedicated printing files and maximum attention in the choice of paper support.

With the right combination of thickness, elasticity and color of paper, it i possible to obtain a truly surprising embossing effect.

With this special finishing process and the use of the optimal paper support that is sufficiently soft and elastic so that it can deform without breaking during the production process, very evident finishes and thicknesses can be obtained.

Embossing technique to ennoble semi-finished products.

It is a paper finishing which consists in the impression of protruding images on a plain paper surface or previously hot stamped or silkscreen printed, giving great added value to the product which is enriched with artistic and tactile effects, thanks to the possibility of using various embossing intensities, inks and specialty papers.

Various embossing “intensities” can be obtained: simple, suitable for linear strokes, artistic, which highlights different levels of thickness, rounded that rounds off the shapes.

Usually it is the last finishing in order of execution, after the metallic hot stamping or the glossy screen printing, because it amplifies the effect, but often it is performed simply on the colored background of special papers, a very refined tone-on-tone effect that leaves the charm of the paper intact.

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Elegant, refined and perceptible to the touch result.

Relief printing is obtained with the use of a matrix (or cliché) pressed on the back of the paper on which a three-dimensional imprint is formed with a certain tactile and visual sensory impact.


When the relief is made from the bottom up.


When the relief is made from top to bottom.

Touch & Feel

It conveys the material characteristics of the surfaces.

Relief on plasticized supports

The embossing processing is perfect for giving preciousness and structure to texts and logos, even on plasticized supports.

Flat and embossed + red silk-screen printing

The contrast between planar and relief creates a pleasant effect to the touch and a special play of light and shadow. In addition there is the red screen printing.

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