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Hot Stamping

Why the Hot Stamping of Italbond

We are among the few in Italy to be able to print single-image holograms in register.

An ancient stamping technique rich in added value.

This is the technique that most immediately evokes the idea of ennobling because it allows you to create graphics with a high visual impact. This finishing technique has its origins in the manual application of a gold leaf for decorative purposes. The hot stamping process is obtained through the application of metallized, holographic or neutral films on the predominantly paper-based support through the use of a cliché.

It is a finish that never loses its added value because it has followed the evolving demands of the graphic market and today offers new metallic and pastel colors and a wide range of holographic designs. It’s furthermore to combine this finish with other printing techniques for a final result that can significantly increase the added value of the printed product.

We are among the few in Italy to be able to print single-image holograms in register, thanks to a device that positions the hologram exactly in the area of the sheet where you want it to be printed. This technology can be used for the creation of security holograms, increasingly requested by Brands.

This technology allows you to create graphics with high visual impact finishes with a wide variety of colors and effects in addition to the more classic gold and silver metallics.

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The main features of Hot Stamping.

We apply this technique in a workmanlike manner: the main characteristics of the foils are: long life and resistance to both chemical and mechanical agents with a final result of high artistic value.


Long lasting hot stamping thanks to the high quality of materials and workmanship.


High chemical and rubbing resistance and high resistance to loss of color or adhesion.


Versatile technique of ennobling ability to enhance the image to be printed graphics.


High-relief imprint with glossy varnish. The effect obtained is one of depth and brilliance of the logo.


The title of the book cover is embellished with a gold foil that gives elegance and prestige to the work.

Product sectors

  • From packaging for the food
  • perfumery
  • pharmaceutical
  • high fashion and luxury sectors
  • paper products for the point of sale
  • promotional materials
  • publishing

Machines data

  • 2 platen type machines and 1 Bobst Vision Foil 104 H auto platen machine
  • Min size 20 × 30 size max 80 × 120
  • Registered holographic tape reading system
  • Total production capacity 40,000 sheets / day

Metallic band and cliches.

  • Shiny and satin gold
  • silver Metallic and pastel colors
  • Holographic patterns
  • Holograms to be printed in register
  • Cliches in copper, magnesium, brass
  • Cliches with normal and micro-incision

Workable materials

  • Paper / Card Type
  • Max weight 500 gr / sqm, min 90 gr / sqm
  • Hot stamping, embossing and multi-level bas-reliefs on coated or uncoated papers and cards
  • Hot stamping on special papers, metallized papers, pvc and polypropylene

“Over the years Italbond has continued its growth path by increasing production capacity with the purchase of new machinery for higher formats to improve customer satisfaction, always paying great attention to quality.”


The experience in materials.

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