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Why the lamination of Italbond

Thanks to this finishing process, Italbond is able to make the print much more vivid and brilliant. It is also possible to give the support special effects such as scratch resistance, soft touch effect and embossing effect.

A positive impact on the image and the message.

Lamination is a process by which a support is coupled with a polymeric film, making the surfaces more bright or elegant. It is also often the basis for other finishing processes, such as glossy screen printing on matt films, UV offset overprinting on silver metallized films or with a holographic effect, effects particularly requested in the luxury packaging sector.

Lamination by sheet

This is the adhesion of a thin film tipically on a paper support or cardboard. This finishing process makes the printing much more vivid and brilliant and can give the paper special finishing effects such as the soft touch, embossing, wood effect, holographic effect or particular functional characteristics such as scratch resistance, antibacterial protection, barrier to gas or fat.

Lamination let the paper to acquire a greater protection against external agents such as humidity and dirt, but also protection from wear and tear resistance. Moreover, it is possible to realize compostable lamianted sheets by using biodegradable certified UNI EN34432 films.

We can offer to our customers both water-based adhesive lamination and thermal lamination using pre-adhesive films. These materials are also suitable also to produce food-grade packaging such as trays, dishs and containers.

Lamination by reel

The reel lamination, of whichItalbond is one of the pioneers in Europe, is particularly indicated for long runs and it is about the lamiantion directly on large format paper reel obtaining an high productivity. As for sheet lamiantion, the processing can be performed by using any kind of polymeric film. It is also possible to laminate thin, low weight papers with other types of paper or cardboard.

The customer can choose thin colored or metallized papers or papers with particular technical properties such as the antibacterial or fat barrier effect. TheItalbond plant is able to process a wide variety of cling and uses water-based cling also suitable for food applications.

The reel lamiantion is ideal for paper mills or for those customers who deal with large quantities of laminated material. The laminated can be delivered to the customer wound in reel or in the agreed format.

Dedicated Eco friendly solutions

Transfer technique

In order to substain the more ecological products, Italbond has decided to offer a special paper metallization technique that allows to reduce the introduction of plastic film in the packaging and paper converting market. The process is known as Transfer and consists of transferring a layer of metal directly onto the paper using a special recoverable film.

The final result will be a perfectly metallized support without the plastic layer. Depending on the characteristics of the paper it will be possible to obtain a high quality optical result, the metallized surface is also suitable for printing or gluing. The finished product can be disposed of in the separate paper collection.

Processing with compostable films

La preferenza per imballi compostabili è un trend che coinvolge sempre più Consumatori i quali riconoscono nel recupero e riutilizzo dei materiali un modo concreto per ridurre l’impatto ambientale degli imballi immessi nel mercato. Per questo motivo Italbond ha messo a punto una gamma di pellicole biodegradabili e compostabili certificate secondo lo standard ISO 13432. Grazie alle nostre pellicole è possibile realizzare accoppiati compostabili per il packaging alimentare e packaging generico.

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Elegance, pleasantness and shielding from external agents.

Depending on the film, the laminations can be glossy, opaque, scratch-resistant and soft touch, giving it pleasantness and new features.


We generate a more relevant external impact.


We increase the value perceived by the consumer of the product.


The film protects from dirt, moisture and scratches.

Accurates checks

We take the utmost care in managing your orders. Each lot is scrupulously checked.

Checking the rolls

We check the films we use before and during the processing to make sure they are free from winding defects.

Production capacity and markets Sheet lamination

Italbond produces semi-finished products by sheet lamination technology for packaging and paper converting dedicated to publishing or the communication sector. The main sectors of application are:

  • Food Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Fashion and luxury
  • Displays for the point of sale and secondary packaging
  • Publishing

Machines data

  • 2 multipurpose machines for water-based adhesive or thermal lamaintion
  • 2 machines dedicated for thermal lamaintion.
  • Min size 25X35 max size 120 × 160
  • Total production capacity 200,000 sheets / day

Workable materials


  • Max weight 500 gr / sqm, min 70 gr / sqm
  • Coated or uncoated cardboard, laminated on one side only or on both sides.
  • Lamination on cardboard with windows through double lamination.


  • Films for direct contact with food
  • Compostable films
  • Film for gas,humidity or aroma barrier
  • Metallic silver and gold also with chemical treatment for UV offset printing
  • Metallic colored
  • Black in mass colored
  • Transparent or metallized holographic with chemical treatment for UV offset printing
  • Glossy clear, standard matte, scratch-resistant matte, soft touch matte and embossed.
  • Colored glitter films


  • Water based suitable for use in the production of food grade packaging

Production capacity and markets Coil lamination.

Italbondproduces semi-finished products with Sheet Lamination technology for the following sectors

  • Food Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Cosmetics
  • Wine & Spirits
  • Fashion and luxury
  • Displays for the point of sale and secondary packaging
  • Publishing

Machines data

  • Machine width mm 1600
  • Max material width mm 1580
  • Minimum material width 600 mm
  • Paper/cardboard reel max external diameter mm 1600
  • Paper / cardboard internal core diameter mm 760/100/150/305
  • Cutting format mm max 1580 × 1600 min 440 × 450
  • Max weight of paper / cardboard rolls kg 2,000
  • Average production capacity 100,000 mtl / day
  • Longitudinal and transversal reel cutting

Workable materials


  • Max weight gr. 600 / mq min gr. 80 / mq (from 80 to 100 gr./sqm only rewinding, no cut in format)
  • Max cardboard thickness 700 micron Coated or uncoated cardboard, laminated one or both sides.

Available films

  • HDPE or LDPE polyethylene, also food grade
  • Gloss or matt polypropylene or PET, also food grade Metallic silver and gold, also food grade
  • Metallic silver and gold, also food grade
  • Colored metallic, also food grade
  • Black colored, also food grade
  • Holographic
  • U.V. offset printable
  • Anti-scratch or Soft Touch

Biodegradable and Compostable film

  • PLA (polylactic acid) transparent or metallized
  • PE biopolymers based
  • Transparent cellulose barrier PVdC
  • Furthermore, to obtain a PLASTIC FREE metallized laminate, it is possible to request the Transfer processing or the lamination with low thickness aluminum foil.


  • Suitable for use in production of food packaging or certified to withstand high temperatures

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