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Silk-screen printing

The silk-screen printing of Italbond as art and technique.

Even before being a printing process, screen printing is an art, a truly versatile and creative printing technique.

Our screen printing allows the use of a wide range of varnishes and inks.

With this technique it is possible to use:

gloss or matt varnish; pearlescent powders; glitter; microencapsulated perfumes; heat-sensitive inks; phosphorescent inks; the scratch card; rough effect paints; paints that create thickness or embossing.

Screen printing as an ennobling process.

The Screen printing is a technique that allows the transfer of varnish from the frame to the support to be ennobled. This transferiment is possible by the pressure and scrolling of a bar with the transfer of one color at a time.

The support that screen printing allows to work makes it very precious. For example, all the special uncoated papers, the bookbinding fabrics, which offset has difficulty to print and which are instead printable in screen printing, thanks to the high coverage of the varnish and the greater quantity that can be released from the frame. The same is true for plastic substrates, such as polypropylene, PVC, synthetic leather, even of high thickness.

This finishing technique allows to obtain prints with vivid and brilliant colors for an accurate and high quality final result, it also offers the possibility of printing on numerous types of support:

  • coated and uncoated paper and cardboard
  • special treated cards
  • metallized papers
  • PET and other plastic materials

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Why choose the screen printing finishing technique.

The screen printing technique has numerous benefits, the first of which is the very high quality of the prints and images, the wide range of customizations that can be created, the speed of realization and the low cost on large print volumes.


Costs are contained, no large budgets are needed to print in screen printing.


Possibility of using a very wide range of varnish and inks.


The levels of accuracy and precision are very high and the final result is guaranteed.

The spirit of 74

Our technique allows to obtain great precision and maximum definition of detail even with very small characters.

swiss bone

The elegance of a glossy line perfectly overlined on the print thanks to a high-precision register control.


It is possible to obtain the glossy effect of a brand even on particularly complex substrates such as processed papers.


The finishing of a brochure or case can be obtained for example by combining hot stamping with silver foil and glitter varnish.

Production capacity and markets.

Italbondproduces screen prints for Packaging Manufacturers and promotional materials for the pharmaceutical, perfumery, fashion and luxury and publishing sectors.

Machines data

  • N. 2 cylinder machines and 1 flat type machine
  • Min size 32 × 44 max size 100 × 140
  • Total production capacity 70,000 sheets / day

Workable materials

Paper / Cardboard / Plastic

  • Max weight 700 gr / sqm, min 100 gr / sqm
  • Coated or uncoated paper and cardboard, special treated papers, metallized papers, adhesive and non-adhesive PVC, polypropylene, PET and other plastic materials

Varnish and inks

  • Flat and thickened glossy and matt varnish.
  • UV and vinyl inks Phosphorescent iridescent powders Silver and gold glitter scratch cards Microcapsules with incorporated perfumed essence Paints with rough effect, soft touch, embossed, etc. .

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