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UV varnishing

Enrich printed media with UV varnish.

It is the process by which a printed sheet is painted, in gloss or matt, emphasizing the aesthetic aspect and giving it more shine.

High glossness thanks to the used paint.

The aesthetic ennobling of polishing is guaranteed by the fact that with this technique it is possible to spread a sufficient quantity of paint to give high brilliance to the whole or to the individual parts to be highlighted.

UV varnishing for finishing.

It is an finishing that enriches the prints by increasing their brilliance, with an aesthetic and protective function as it increases the color rendering over time.

At the end of the coloring, pigments are applied that glue to the paint and embellish the print, giving it liveliness and brilliance. The protective function of the coating is more limited in time and quality than a plasticization and this justifies the lower price of this finish.

The UV varnish makes the products more resistant and long-lasting over time. This technique is widely used for the creation of promotional materials, for publishing and paper converting applied to packaging.

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The UV coating makes the final product shiny and resistant.

The use of UV coating is a refined and resistant finish that can improve the aesthetic performance of the printed sheet with an excellent quality / price ratio.


It increases the gloss of the printed sheet making it visually more attractive


The coating protects the painted part from abrasions and scratches or stains.

Cost effective

Excellent value for money and fast delivering.

varnishing with reserve

Full coverage varnishing with reserve for bar code, batch number or adhesive application.

Food Packaging

“Low odor low migration” painting for secondary food packaging.

Production capacity and markets.

The finishing with UV coating is particularly suitable for paper converting applied to packaging for the food, pharmaceutical, fashion and luxury sectors. It is also perfect for creating catalogs, magazines, business cards.

Machines data

  • N. 2 machines Format: min. 32 × 44 size max 100 × 140
  • Total production capacity 70,000 sheets / day

Workable materials

Paper and cardboard

  • Max weight 500 gr / sqm, min 70 gr / sqm
  • Paper and cardboard coated

Varnish and inks

  • Glossy or matte varnish with full board and with reserves. Register varnish with nylon print plate

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