Recyclability in paper collection – aticelca 501 evaluation method

The primary objective for packaging manufacturers is the creation of products that are more recyclableand that require fewer non-renewable raw materials.

The solution of paper-based packaging represents today one of the most concrete and easily implemented ways in many applications, also to replace containers traditionally made entirely of plastic.

Over the years, paper has evolved, transformed into a decidedly more sophisticated material and enriched with new properties. However, to meet the requirements of different applications such as the barrier effect, it is necessary to use a thin polymer film coupling.

L’imballo finito è riciclabile nella carta?

From this consideration, it becomes necessary to ask the question whether the finished packaging is actuallyrecyclable in paper.

To meet this demand and provide an objective evaluation tool, Assocarta supported the introduction of ananalytical methodcapable of objectively evaluating the degree of recyclability of a predominantly cellulosic product by reproducing on a laboratory scale what happens in a recycling station of the paper. This method is called the ATICELCA® 501 method and the analysis routine is based on the UNI 11743: 2019 standard.

The analytical steps foresee the comminution of the sample, dissolvingin hot water, passing through filters, evaluation of the quantity of fiber obtained for recycling and quantity of residue to be discarded. The presence of elements that can give some is also evaluated optical discrepancies or reduce the aesthetic quality of recycled paper.

Depending on the results obtained, the sample will be placed within a recyclability range that starts from A + for highly recyclable packaging up to C packaging that is still recyclable in the paper but with a minimum level of yield.

The evaluation method assigns level D to those packages that are not recyclable in the paper.

This analysis is optional but allows you to know precisely and objectively how much the packaging is recyclable.

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